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Re: [school-discuss] M$ Windows Problems

On Feb 19, 2008 6:56 AM, Richard Andrews <bbmaj7@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> My stance on Microsoft is "who cares".

That is the best attitude.

What I was trying (unsuccessfully) to convey is that the FOSS
community should not rely on MS hanging itself... as appealing as that
idea may be. There are too many people who have too much invested in
MS to allow it to go under easily. We should do our own thing and not
worry about MS, except of course when we have to compete for school

Supposedly, MS is learning from its competitors, making developers
work with "MinWin," a minimal version of Win7 that comes in at only
approx 500 MB or so (can't remember, so don't hold me to that). If
this were true, it would move them aware from bloatware and improve
Windows considerably, but on the other hand, a search for "Windows 7"
videos on Youtube reveals some MS PR vids that show the future of
Windows in the "multinational enterprise" but looks more like the
Starship Enterprise: unrealistic eye-candy, all voice-activated, with
video messaging and ad-hoc video conferences, all in semi-transparent
crimson on an incredible, wrap-around 80-inch screen.

So who knows.

Micheal Cooper
Miyazaki, Japan (GMT+9, no DST)