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Re: [school-discuss] Promoting FLOSS

--- Don Christensen <djc@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> There's a thought.  I can see it now--a giant Tux with
> the following on his belly:
>             How much is YOUR school
>        overpaying for proprietary sofware?
>        www.pay_for_books_not_software.org

I wouldn't rely on the cost aspect. IMO Microsoft would happily give their
software to every school free of charge (probably even pay them to use it). It
provides indoctrination of a constant stream of young minds. Schools breed
customers. Simple as that.

Look at what the Gates foundation does: billions spent on donations of
computers and software to schools (all running only Microsoft software). This
isn't charity it's pushing crack and it's great PR at the same time. Brilliant!

I think they'd do it for every school if it meant kids were only taught The
Microsoft Way.

So FOSS needs to be about more than cost - I expect the cost argument will go
away. In Australia I'm told the cost to schools is about US$5 per app (incl
Windows) per seat and dropping - but only if you run *only* Microsoft.

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