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[school-discuss] Need help with version control install

I've been trying to convince the people where I work to use version
control since I started working there.  I finally have the go-ahead to
use version control, but on one condition.  I need to install it
myself.  I have a Centos Linux machine with Apache already installed.

I ran some searches for documentation, tutorials, etc., but nothing
seems to go into enough detail to get things set up properly.  I can
use any version control system I want: git, svn, fossil, etc.  The
developers using it need to be able to do check ins and check outs
with unique user ids via the tortoise user interface.  They need to be
able to view files or differences between files via a web interface
(intranet only).

Does anyone have any tips, tutorials, instructions, links that might
help in getting this set up?


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