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Re: [school-discuss] Need help with version control install

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Il 23/02/2016 01:03, LM ha scritto:
> [...] Does anyone have any tips, tutorials, instructions, links that
> might help in getting this set up?

In addition to what already mentioned by others, probably you should take
a look also to "Apache Allura" - https://allura.apache.org/ . Maybe it's
slightly "too-much" for your needs but.... it will help.


> I've been trying to convince the people where I work to use version 
> control since I started working there.  I finally have the go-ahead
> to use version control, but on one condition.  I need to install it 
> myself.

Two comments:

1 - in addition to "install", the next step will be to convince them
further about _USING_ the version-control-infrastructure. It won't be
easy. Such a road, also, is plenty of new difficulties (if your code
deals with DB, for example, you'll have problems tracking changes to
related structures and contents ; developers, also, might "suffer" the
problem to _NOT_ write code directly on "development server" or, worse,
"production-server". They need to rely on their own PC/Notebook as the
development environment. This might not be easy to change, if they are
web-oriented developers working with PHP, Javascript and the likes). But...

2 - I'm _absolutely_ sure that once entered in such a "new world" of
software development, noone will want to get back. The benefits are
hundreds of times bigger than problems. For sure.
I'm writing/saying this, after spending _LOTS_ of years with "traditional
programming mindset" and moving to
Ecplise+Git+Three-level-development-architecture (dev: my notebook;
pre-prod: a testing-server; prod: production server) a couple of years
ago. Benefits are really impressive!

A side note:

- - I've started version-control with MERCURIAL. Recently I've also entered
the Git world. They are both really powerful. Anyway, I find Mercurial
slightly "easier" to deal with, with respect to GIT. Consider Mercurial
as a really viable option that could slightly easier the path of your
co-developers. Anyway, with no doubt, GIT is the de-facto-standard.



P.S.: "Laura", "Bruno".... are really Italian names. I wonder if you've
Italian roots ;-)

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Damiano Verzulli
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nothing about everything." - William Stucke - AfrISPA
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