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Re: [school-discuss] Possible Schoolforge Project

I have ideas on this topic, i.e. programs for computer vs. programs for
phones/tablets, even e-readers. I want to send this test email first to
see if it gets through. I was having these issues since at least Nov 27,
2016, when someone was looking at this issue.

On 02/16/17 14:44, LM wrote:
> I'm noticing that a lot of schools, teachers and students are using
> more and more mobile apps on phones and tablets [...]Cloud based
> computing and tablets and notebooks designed to encourage cloud
> applications and discourage use of locally installed programs are also
> cutting down on the number of Open Source applications people might
> use.  Instead of LibreOffice, many are using Google Docs and Microsoft
> Office 365 online.  Google may allow you to change data formats and
> move it to other applications easily, but a lot of their online tools
> are not Open Source.
> There are some Open Source alternatives to proprietary mobile and
> cloud applications and proprietary app stores.  However, I don't see
> them catching on the way the proprietary options are.  It might be
> helpful if our Schoolforge group helped document Open Source
> alternatives to proprietary mobile and cloud solutions and shared
> reviews and case studies for some of these alternatives.  Some Open
> Source alternative examples are http://www.android-x86.org/ and
> https://marketplace.firefox.com/ and
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emscripten  It would be nice to add more
> mobile and cloud projects to our Schoolforge Education Software list
> and some pages on topics such as how to bypass proprietary app stores
> and get the applications you want on your mobile devices, why it's
> important to use FLOSS as opposed to free software and detailing
> alternatives to proprietary apps and software.
> If anyone has any ideas, software suggestions, would like to help
> volunteer their knowledge on this subject or volunteer to write some
> articles, reviews and/or case studies or anything else related to this
> topic, please let us know.
> Thanks.

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