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Re: [school-discuss] Possibilities

jeff williams wrote:
> BTW, the first three weeks of this month I've been teaching a Linux
> administration class at Concordia Unversity Wisconsin.  My student machines
> are a mix of HP Vectras with 100 and 200 mhz Pentium CPUs, plus a couple of
> no-name boxes with 133 Pentiums.  Yes, my old 486/DX4-100 has made an
> appearance, as has my AT&T 3B2/600 and an AT&T 7300.  Oh, yes, we
> demonstrated Samba with an old Toshiba laptop, and Appletalk with an early
> I-Mac.  Both my department head and the dean of the school have seen that we
> can use junk-pile queens for useful work and teaching.  It has been a fun
> class.
Boy, that brings back memories!  Before I got into Linux, my main
machine was an AT&T 7300 (in it's alternate identity as an AT&T 3B1). 
For those who never heard of these, it had a Motorola 68020 (I think)
processor, a whopping 2 MB of RAM, a 40 MB hard drive, a 1200 baud
modem, and AT&T Unix 3.51 with a graphical windowing system (!).  I also
had the Smart Suite of office apps, which pretty much sucked.  Boy do I
feel old...

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