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Re: [school-discuss] ZIS Server Dreams

Doug Loss wrote:

> I think we're getting far enough in this discussion to think about setting up a
> formal project.  How about OpenSIF <http://opensif.org>?  Whoops, opensif.org
> exists.  Take a look at it and see if these folks have already developed what we're
> talking about!

Replying to my own mail: what a loser I am! :-)  Anyway, I've looked at this website,
and I'm pretty sure that while they say "open-source" in a number of places, they are
misusing the term and are providing this software only on a commercial basis.  I don't
think this is what we're talking about, or modifiable into it.  How about FreeSIF
<http://freesif.org> then?  That domain doesn't seem to be taken.  If we want to go
ahead with this, we can reserve the domain and find hosting space and services for it.
Les, Steve, Dominique, Michael, others, what do you think?

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