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Re: [school-discuss] ZIS Server Dreams

On Wed, 2002-01-23 at 14:23, Doug Loss wrote:
> Doug Loss wrote:
> > I think we're getting far enough in this discussion to think about setting up a
> > formal project.  How about OpenSIF <http://opensif.org>?  Whoops, opensif.org
> > exists.  Take a look at it and see if these folks have already developed what we're
> > talking about!
> Replying to my own mail: what a loser I am! :-)  Anyway, I've looked at this website,
> and I'm pretty sure that while they say "open-source" in a number of places, they are
> misusing the term and are providing this software only on a commercial basis.  I don't
> think this is what we're talking about, or modifiable into it.  How about FreeSIF
> <http://freesif.org> then?  That domain doesn't seem to be taken.  If we want to go
> ahead with this, we can reserve the domain and find hosting space and services for it.
> Les, Steve, Dominique, Michael, others, what do you think?

FreeSIF seems good for me, but isn't it a little close from opensif ?
Having seen many nasty Copyright problems arise with project namings I
would be carefull with that.
I've just browsed their site. Apparently they work on a java based
version of SIF and ZIS. They mention several times a "JaZ open source
java reference implementation" produced by SUN but I couldn't find it
does anyone have more information on this ? If it exists and is really
opensource it would be very usefull.