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Re: [school-discuss] ZIS and THAT

Michael Williams wrote:

> > This is a very good question.  Membership in SIF costs anywhere from
> > $1,000 to $27,000 depending on your gross revenue.  It's altogether
> > possible that developing an application using the SIF spec when you aren't
> > a SIF member is a no-no.  Can somebody a little closer to SIF than I check
> > on this?
> They updated the formats for the release 1 spec and I down loaded the HTML
> version to browse last night. If I remember correctly there are three levels
> of participation. Membership: gets to vote, Support: can develop but no vote,
> Can't remember the third.

Participant:  Paid dues; are involved in working groups writing the specs and may
vote on future versions of the specs.

Endorser:  Building product to SIF specs, but hasn't paid dues.  May comment on
specs, but can't vote or help write future versions of specs.

Compliant:  Designation placed on specific products that have met SIF criteria
and passed compliance testing.  Compliance criteria hadn't been written as of
August 31, 2001, so this designation may not yet be used.

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