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Re: [school-discuss] Eduml Dream

> My Rough Conclusion:
> -------------------
> We must react to IMS which is by far the dominant player in education
> software standards.  In theory, since both SIF and IMS are XML Schemas,
> interchanging should be a simple XSLT exercise.  I have observed over time that
> many of the commercial software companies whose products I have no choice
> but to work with have  announced some claim to being IMS compliant in the
> future ... I have not seen too much mention of SIF.
> Bruno

I would agree that IMS is the goal(although voting membership there makes
SIF look like a bargain) But, I find myself in the opposite situation, 
whereas, all of the commercial apps I'm forced to live with are SIF compliant
and not IMS, more than likely due to our locations. So if there is a bridge
between the two, my administrative software will be able to send and recieve
student info from the instructional apps.


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