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[school-discuss] Dyslexia Video in French, thanks to Ania Lesca

Thank you so much Ania, for the translation!!!  You can view the video here . . .


Since I do not speak French (sorry), I do not know if I matched the vocals to the video very well.  It seems right in some places.

Marilyn  :)


On 07.06.2012 09:22am, Ania Lesca wrote:

Le 07/06/2012 14:59, marilyn@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxa écrit :
Ania, I am an ex-teacher too you know. I am glad to hear about your work with dyslexic kids. :) A couple of things. Sam is a boy. In the translated page it says "her" - but maybe his and her translate the same?
In Fench we say "sa maman" because "sa" is related to "maman" where as
in English "his mother", "his" is related to the boy. See, how things
can easily get astray with languages...
Also, I have had a website setup for sharing open resources for dyslexic kids for two years - but nothing has ever come of it. This might be the perfect time. You could use it for French resources too. It uses Moodle. I have a different address for every grade level.
I'll try to get into your "requirements" to see what I can tranfer.
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