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[school-discuss] Building applications from scratch

I've been building a lot of applications from source. I've tried
various build tools and package management tools on different systems,
but haven't been happy with them. So, I've been working on my own
build tools to automate the build processes and it looks like the work
may extend into some basic package management as well. I'm at the
point where I'm hitting a lot of design decisions and would love to
bounce the ideas off of other developers and users, not just decide
everything for myself. Issues are things like where to put config,
data and other helper files for all applications, how to handle
default editors or browsers, directory structure and layout, etc. I'm
currently patching the programs I'm building to work consistently for
these types of things.

I took a couple of cross-platform browsers and made some minor
modifications so I could use them as replacements for applications
like dialog, xdialog, etc for scripting or running command line
programs.  That means basic user interfaces can be designed with html
and css (in a text editor or HTML editor).  There's UTF8 support
supplied by the browsers plus it can work in console mode outside of X
Windows or within X Windows or Windows as a  standard program.  I put
together a sample control panel using the technique and have the
scripts up at my web site in case anyone wants to try it out.

There's some more basic information on the project here:

As I mentioned, I'd really like to get some feedback from others
especially if they're interested in building applications or design
related issues. If you're interested, e-mail me.

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