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[school-discuss] Boycott Plus Beta Release

Hi all,

This might be a little off topic, but I think it has a place as a tool
for FLOSS advocacy.  I won't post more updates here - I've set up a
mailing list for updates.  Just wanted to share something that I've been
working on recently.

Boycott Plus is two parts:
1) boycottplus.org platform which allows people to craft Boycott Campaigns
2) A Firefox Addon that allows people to subscribe their browser to a
Boycott Campaign

The campaign organizer can update the campaign to reflect the present
situation.  Once a user is subscribed to a campaign, it can be
configured to update daily, weekly, or monthly.

Users are also given the option of having BCP fully block the loading of
a site, just place a notification on the screen, and to do nothing.

I hope to open source the tools to craft Boycott Campaigns at some
point, but the json spec has been undergoing some updates through the
beta iterations.

If anyone would like to learn more about this project, please visit


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