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[school-discuss] linux distributions for low resource computers

I've been experimenting with trying to find a Linux distribution that works 
on an old laptop (about 9 years old) with only 64 MB.  Keep thinking that 
getting older machines working might be useful for students as well, 
especially if they don't have a computer and might be able to get an old one 
from someone who no longer needs it.

Was just wondering if anyone else has any experience in this area.  Would 
really like to compare notes with some other users who are trying to bring 
some old machines back to life.

So far, I've tried DeLi Linux and Absolute Linux on the laptop and both 
appear to work to some extent.  I've also been doing a lot of compiling and 
experimenting with programs that don't come with these distributions.  I 
think I've tried out over 100 light weight Open Source applications that run 
with some degree of success on older systems.

As I said, would love to compare notes with others interested in using older 
computers with low resources.  Thanks.