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Re: [school-discuss] Re: [ilug-goa] Educational software forschools... (from Goa/India)

Le mar 07/10/2003 à 08:57, Frederick Noronha (FN) a écrit :
> On Tue, 7 Oct 2003, mini jerome wrote:
> It has a wide range of software for kids, but I found Gcompris the most 
> comprehensive. (It's documentation could be better, and there are still 
> about 4-5 games out of maybe 20 or more from Gcompris that I have still 
> not deciphered. But my five-year-old daughter is helping me with this 
> job.) The games the kid-in-me liked best included jig-saw puzzles of 
> famous European paintings, chess (it was amazingly easy to introduce it to 
> my five-year-old, who even knows to go for the HELP > HINT when she's in a 
> fix, though she cannot read adequately). There are also interesting 
> software to learn the names of colours, do basic addition as the dice fall 
> down the screen, learn how to move the mouse (my daughter was using it to 
> teach her grandmother, who is also interested in learning), and other 
> aspects.I was most surprised when my daughter discovered how to play a 
> game I didn't know existed! 
Thanks for your gcompris promotion (I also sow the article where you
mention the bear behind). I'd like to mention that gcompris includes
more than 40 activities, not 20.

I would also be pleased to have a teacher or a group of teacher who can
write in english (if possible) an complete the inline documentation.
Once done, I can generate open office little book with screenshots and
the complete activity description. The online activity description is
also automaticaly generated and it gives Windowser a good reason to
format c: ;)

To me, that's the last step to make gcompris a real professional
educational tool.

Contact me or the gcompris mailing list.