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Re: [school-discuss] TAET Fall Convention

Marilyn Hagle wrote:


All of my classes use OpenOffice. My keyboarding (typing) classes work
on special projects . . . sounds like a great idea to get them involved.
I will represent your work in the literature I pass out at the



You may have thought of this approach but perhaps not. I'm currently
working in distance ed. One of the projects I am currently advocating
for inclusion into the courses I co-teach is a companion CD sent to all
students at the beginning of the course that includes Mozilla,
OpenOffice, GIMP, and AbiWord. The basis for the argument is that by
doing so I can be sure all students in online courses have equal access
to modern software, unifrom file formats and platform independency (well
at least somewhat). Since I will have to supply compressed video, large
files, etc.. via CD anyway, it only makes sense. This way I avoid the
inevitable complaints about inability to afford the software, odd
formats such as "MS Works", and having to handhold students on  basic
office software that may be dated or that I might not know well myself.

Lloyd Curtis