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Re: The Distribution

George Bonser wrote:
> I am working on it ... going through building boot disk sets on Debian
> 1.3.1 right now.  There is also an NFS mount of a debian mirror on Corsica
> now in its public FTP directory.

Very good.  Is that NFS also the proposed destination for all SEUL? 
Should I mount it for building the GUI tree?  Or is seul providing HD
space on their systems?

> I will start building a SEUL tree and setting up a mirror shortly.  I am
> going to start modifying package names to make then SEUL unique shortly.

I don't know if we should use unique package names.  I was trying to
compile a windows manager to check out and found imake was missing.  It
isn't called the imake pkg any more under Debian but is in the README
for compiling.  There must be some standard naming convention someplace
to use.  At least accepted naming conventions to go by.

I've seen a lot of bitching about the dist being nothing but talk, but
I've posted several messages concerning the main and installation GUI's
and got one response.  I don't want to get halfway finished with either
or both pkgs and then get bombarded with objections, comments,
recomendations, etc.

I am going to post last call for comments on making WM2 the initial
install GUI.  After that I will close it and start building the core and
base pkgs for it.