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Re: The Distribution

William T Wilson wrote:
> On Tue, 20 Jan 1998, Kai Wetzel wrote:
> > I think it depends on whether we want to try to fit
> > kernel + X + wm on one disk or whether we want to
> It doesn't matter, you can't try to fit that.  The smallest X server is
> just slightly over 3MB.  A small kernel is 300K, not counting modules and
> things like bash and init.  You absolutely, no way, no how can fit X, and
> the kernel, onto one disk.  You can't even fit X by itself onto one disk.
> The only option is to load the X server from the CD.  This is what Win95
> does, and it's the best you can do when your server is 3MB.

Well, the SVGA server, on my machine, is 2703004.  Anyway.  That is a
valid point.  I remember a "tinyX" or something like that.  It's
supposed to be really small.  I don't remember if it fits on one floppy
or not.  I might check into it.

The preliminary install is going to be ncurses or something.  It will
copy the install GUI over.  The install GUI will then finish the FTP or
NFS install.  Then it will be replaced by the main GUI.



I have just finished compiling E to check out.  I was against it also
until I had a look.  The poster that recomended it told me the new
version no longer soaks up resources.  From what I see that may be
true.  They've coded some new lib routines so the WM does it's graphics
directly instead of several translations through middlemen.

I shall see.