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Re: The Core and the Kernel

On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, George Bonser wrote:

> My opinion is to have a "pretty" VGA default.  Most of the default X

We were talking about different things I think, but this is true also.

But you are very very hampered by the lack of colors.  It really hurts the
ability to do anything nice-looking.  The X-windows by design, of course,
is also expecting much more screen area than only 640x480.  It is good for
an install and a demo and not much more, maybe this is why no one ever put
any effort into it.

Send it to the UI group and see if anyone is interested :)

> Install fvwm2 and look in /etc/x11/fvwm2 and look at all the hooks for
> vendors.  init-restart.hook, init.hook, main-menu-pre.hook,
> main-menu.hook, menudefs.hook, menudefs.hook, post.hook, pre.hook,
> restart.hook

Such a thing would be valuable for our installation/uninstallation
scripts, I believe.