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Re: The Distribution

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
>   Yes, enlightenment is really good.  An eye catching Window manager, but one
> should also look at the machine it gets installed on.  On my 486-DX/2 66
> enlightenment is too slow... and also be aware of the gamma, as the default
> installation I tried for Enlightenment needed a gamma correction, as it was so
> dark as to see almost nothing.
>   In my opinion, a stable window manager is the best choice for the first time
> Window manager.  The installation could make the others avalable, but a window
> manager like fvwm2 is good looking, and stable.  While, afterstep, although
> stable is quite a color hog, and the colors are in a range that will make any
> graphic application run out of colors.

Upon reading my bit about blowing there minds today I realise it sounds
a bit more extreme than I intended it.  I meant to get across that an
impressive display will do much for the image.  

As I posted earlier, *if*, and that really is a big *if*, E is used I
would like to create an entire theme for SEUL.  Something that says
"this is definately not WinBlows".

E has been reworked so it isn't a resouce hog any more.  It still has
bugs in it, but it may be stable by the time SEUL is released.

I think, although I have used it for over a year without problems, that
you may be right about Afterstep.  FVWM2 should be looked at above
Afterstep.  I haven't checked WindowMaker yet, but has the capability
for an impressive display and also has some GUI configuration aspects I
want to give serious consideration.

Would somebody out there like to install the latest WindowMaker, push it
to it's limits, and report on it's useability/configureabilty/stability?