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Re: The Distribution

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   Rick Jones wrote:
   > George Bonser wrote:
   > > On Mon, 19 Jan 1998, Rick Jones wrote:
   > > So far from what I have seen in the /etc area, fvwm2 seems to be the most
   > > extensible and the most easilly auto-updated and the most easilly
   > > customized. The dotfile generator also allows user configuration.
   > Take a look at Afterstep, WindowMaker, and Enlightenment.
   > > See above.  I am not against anything but I truely feel that the fvwm2
   > > package is currently our best option.
   > The last call is for the *installation wm* not the *main wm*.  WM2 will
   > be replaced by whatever the main is decided to be upon completion of
   > installation.  I chose it because it's footprint is less than 53k while
   > the others are many times more, yet it presents a fair display which can
   > be enhanced with a background jpg, and looks nothing like Windoze.  It's
   > the bare minimum, which is exactly what we want for the install process.

   I think it depends on whether we want to try to fit
   kernel + X + wm on one disk or whether we want to
   load X from CD.  If we go for the latter a small
   disk footprint isn't as important.

Hope no one is considering installing from X.  To begin with too many
things can go wrong with X, and if lose you have no tool to
investigate because you have nothing installed, second VGA 16 is
slooow, will make a poor impression, and is not even guaranteed to
support all cards (Nvidia).

			Jean Francois Martinez

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