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Main WM for SEUL (*a candidate*)

jfm2@club-internet.fr wrote:
> THe problem about E is than it is not easy to fit in 256 colors.  It
> fits but the apps run out of them.  And once you have loaded all the
> nifty backgounds your X server can be over 20 Megs.
> E _cannot_ be the default manager.  Of course it should be included: a
> thing to make Windowsers jealous...

This is true, but I saw a theme that is designed for 8 bit mode and it
is rather outstanding.  It's not exploding with images like most of the
other themes, but it is extremely impressive looking.  If I can ever get
the theme from the guys site, I'll play with it.  The connection keeps
stalling on me about half-way through.  Most likely because the guy is
in Japan.

It's called Tarvis 2.  It's at

Have a look at it.  And if anybody is able to get it successfully email
it to me, please.  I'm going to give it another shot here in a few. 
Sometimes my ISP is screwing with their servers and cause me some

An added point is that the arguement concerning resource use of a WM
could flow along the lines of the CDROM issue of the past few days. 
Most everyone has equipment that can handle it without a problem and it
can be a process of installation to determine that.