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Tarvis 2 pic and themeball for E.


I am currently giving serious thought to E (enlightenment) being the
mainstay window manager for the SEUL distro.  Don't all get froggy at
once.  As they say "it aint over 'til the fat chick sings."

1) I want to see how it interacts with GTK and the gnome toolkit.

2) I want to see how stable it is over a period of time in the day to
day activities.

3)  I want to play with Econfig, a tcl script for configuring/building
themes for it from the GUI.

4) I need to play with making hooks for update-menus.

5) I need some volunteers that use different Xservers to run it for a
time and report to the list on observations to see if it is stable
across the board.

The only instability I've found in it so far is with Netscape.  But,
what else is new?

I'm using the latest alpha of the gimp on it with no problems.  By the
way, if you haven't seen the gimp lately, you haven't seen the gimp.  It
gives commercial graphics programs *serious* competition.  I'm talking
Photoshop, Photostyler quality, or better.

Since the gimp uses the latest GTK, now a seperate package, I don't
foresee any problems with it or gnome, but time will tell.

So the major concerns are resource useage and ease of configurability.

I'm going to modify the Tarvis 2 theme for SEUL to check configurability
and resource useage.  When finished, if it's still looking strong, I'll
post an image of the interface for comments on improvements.  If you are
artistically inclined, I would like to see some themes for SEUL.

You can get an idea of what I'm planning to build on by looking at
ftp://ftp.cyberdynamics.com/pub/tarvis2.gif The themeball, Tarvis2 , is
also in there.  It's nothing spectacular, like some of rastermans
themes, but I think it's impressive for a simple, clean, look and feel
that runs in 8 bpp mode.

Let me know what you think.