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Re: Window Managers, A question Part Deux

Orn E. Hansen wrote:
>   It's too slow, with its original theme.  And if the themes files aren't
> perfect, the window manager just fetches a parasuit and bails out.  Leaving you
> behind with the XDM/KDM login screen :-) It needs more work, IMO.  WindowMaker
> is more stable, though fvwm2 is probably stablest.

The key is that it's the default theme.  You put that many graphics in
WindowMaker and it'll flip out on you.  I'm thinking of using the
Tarvis2 them which was desighned for 8bpp mode.  It's about ten times
faster than that default theme.  The problem with the theme files are in
the themes not the program.  Try to start xdm without configuring it and
it does just as little as E.  Correct?

You can have a look at the Tarvis2 image at

The theme is also in there if you want to check it out.