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Re: Window Managers, A question Part Deux

řann 25-Jan-98 skrifar Rick Jones:
> You can have a look at the Tarvis2 image at
> ftp://ftp.cyberdynamics.com/pub/Tarvis2.gif
> The theme is also in there if you want to check it out.

  I'm using it now.  I'ts a good theme... a little slow though (I'm using a 486
DX2/66 cirrus VLB graphics card), there's a small pause when I enter a windows
border as it highlights the border.  Other than that, I like it... its a good

  What about...

  File managers
  Printer tool
  E-Mail client
  News reader

  I've been looking at the GNOME, but there are a few errors in the source
tarball for it, which prevents me building it.  Like 'gdk_font_free' in the
gtk_guile library, is missing and nowhere to be found in the sources.  That
kinda gives a poor impression, but I don't know I'll try poking around (or
create a dummy routine for it).

  If it is true that the Qt runtime library can be included in the base, than
I'd definately recomend converting 'kedit' (if possible).  It's good and fast.
If the same applies for the runtime library of 'xforms' (have you taken a look
at it?), then xf-mail is a good free e-mail client.

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