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Re: sourceforge is nasty [ Was Re: [seul-edu] Request for Mailing list for Crosswords For Linux ]

I agree. Bloat sucks.

But user-friendly and non-commercial are not inherently

And non-commercial does NOT mean rational.  RMS is very non-commercioal,
and he's anything but rational.


thi wrote:
> Manuel Gutierrez Algaba <irmina@ctv.es> writes:
> > Non-comercial means rational, means user-friendly . That's why
> > Windows will never be better than Linux, think about a Visual prog,
> > let's say, Visual Shit ++ , there you've got the tree of objects,
> > all the info stuck into a small place, very impressive from
> > the "corporate point of view" but sucking from the structured
> > point of view, that claims that "info is divided into chunks and
> > can be filtered and modified endlessly by independent tools". Amen!!
> aside from the first sentence, i agree whole-heartedly!
> bloat sucks!
> thi