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Re: sourceforge is nasty [ Was Re: [seul-edu] Request for Mailing list for Crosswords For Linux ]

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba wrote:
> On Wed, 12 Apr 2000, mrzenn wrote:
> > And non-commercial does NOT mean rational. 
> > RMS is very non-commercioal,
> > and he's anything but rational.
> I don't like RMS nor Eric S. Raymond, and I use emacs and fetchmail
> daily, in fact I adore emacs. RMS is as a matter of fact a 
> commercial guy. Yeah, he's for the GPL, and all that. But, even
> if he doesn't earn benefits from FSF, the truth is that he's own
> chief and handles a lot of power,... and I think he behaves
> rather commercially:
> Ok, he's done a lot of good for all of us. But the way he behaves
> is such that he can fight against pure commercial guys with
> the very same weapons, and such that a "free soft" guy not accostumed
> to such "hardness" is swept by RMS laws. 
> RMS makes a lot of money of free soft. He could have made more
> if he stayed at MIT, but on the other hand he's got more public
> recognition, power and besides he's free, free from bosses, free
> from customers...

I think you're confusing commercial with authoritarian.  RMS is 
uncompromisingly not commercial, but a democrat he is not.  He's more of 
a zealot.  One of the scariest photos I saw from some past Linux 
gathering was ESR and RMS together with handguns.  I have nothing 
against firearms, but the thought of RMS with a gun gives me shivers.
> Eric S Raymond is a bit more nasty. 

Here we just disagree.  I knew Eric before Linux was more than Linus's 
hobby, back when he was just the guy managing the Chester County 
FreeNet.  He's a nice guy who can hold strong opinions and get excited 
about them.  I've never heard him strike the first verbal blow in an 
invective-hurling contest.

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