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Re: [seul-edu] French to English translation

there you go:

Mek: it's a simulator of "particles trajectory simulator"  :
  you enter for each particule, the mass, the speed, their position and their.
You had the inside and outside forces  and Mek draws the trajectory
(err sounds like my physical english is not that good after all... please 
someone correct me :)

Xem: draws pH curve.  You enter acids and bases, the various concentrations 
and the program draws the pH curve
(chemistry this time)

Lum:  optical lens simulator. You choose your lens, focal and their 
position and the software draws the diagram
(optical physics)

hope that helps,
  and please feel free to correct my english, as my technical english is 
not that great...


Ps: as for the timetabling software, I was out for the week end, and I 
hadn't time to test them... next week I should have the test done...

At 10:27 26/04/00 -0400, you wrote:
>I'd like to mention Ghislain Picard's Mek, Xem, and Lum programs in the
>next Linux in education report, but my French is too bad for me to try
>to translate the descriptions.  Could someone take a look at them at:
>And give me a two or three sentence description of each?  I'll happily
>mention your name in the report.  Thanks!
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