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Re: [seul-edu] CervanTeX needs a wiki, could seul help ?

Manuel Gutierrez Algaba wrote:
> I'm member of CervanTeX, Spanish-speaking users of TeX, which
> related to Linux and free soft movement, somehow.
> Well, we're attending currently to a meeting of our group by
> email. You can imagine it, more than 120 emails in a couple of
> days, lots of redundant data, very heavy indeed.
> I think a wiki it's the best thing to vote, propose and to
> organize the points and to discuss it, just by adding lines to
> the wiki.
> Could be you so gentle of providing us with such a wiki?
> I can't warrant that it'll be used, I'm just a member of CervanTeX,
> an active member, but not president. So after the wiki is available
> I'll show them and I think they'll use it, because it's much better
> for the thing we're doing now, isn't it?


I'd like to try to help with this, but do you need a wiki page
or do you need help setting up a wiki on an existing server?

If you need a wiki page (or pages) I think you are suggesting 
a kind of function that SEUL might want to consider ....
Doug, if SEUL decides to support this kind of activity in the 
wiki, then this adds a whole new dimension to the intended use 
of the wiki that might be useful? Or what do you think?

Instead of simply capturing useful information from the 
mailing list and organizing links to software, Manuel is 
suggesting that the wiki could be used for dialogues that 
are related to Linux and education, but that are somehow 
more appropriate for the wiki than the mailing list.

The Portland Pattern Repository and Everything2 are examples
of 'wikis' whose scope has evolved to be very broad.

On another related wiki issue, this time regarding Jonathan's post, 
if there was a section in the wiki for details regarding Linux 
Conferences and InstallFests, then someone could open a new 
wiki page called [Linux World 2000], post a message to the 
mailing list announcing the event and then say "post a 
message on [Linux World 2000] regarding this event", or 
some such thing. All the other related dialogue could go 
on in the wiki. I personally don't mind the overhead of
extra posts on conferences, etc., but maybe this is an
alternative approach for messages that require a lot of 
follow-up that some might want to use.

So, pending Doug's approval, I opened three new pages 
in the wiki just as an experiment: