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[seul-edu] FW: DebianEdu and menu structure

I received the below mail from Hertzog, the person in charge of
DebianEdu.  Is it our idea to take permanent maintenance of the packages
that we create?  Is there anyone on the list that is a Debian developer
already or started the paper work to become one?  I would be willing to
help out with maintaining the packages but is it really the goal of
SEUL/edu to take this on?


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From: Raphael Hertzog [mailto:rhertzog@hrnet.fr] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 19, 2003 6:51 AM
To: Darryl Palmer
Subject: Re: DebianEdu and menu structure

Do you have Debian developers to integrate all those package in Debian
itself ? Do you plan to maintain them on a regular basis or is this just
a one-time effort ?

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