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Re: CodeWarrior for Linux (was: linux app ports now in stores)

Let me correct this a bit. The current "port" of CodeWarrior to Linux is the
IDE only, *not* the compiler suite itself. The IDE runs as a front end to
some version of the gcc or egcs compiler system. A complete port is promised
for release later this year. So look carefully at the product description
before you decide whether to buy.

This two-step approach has me concerned in one respect. I too like
CodeWarrior (on Windows) a lot, and for that reason I am a likely customer
for a Linux version. But not just the IDE - I'll wait for the full release.
What worries me is that if the current version has poor sales, Metrowerks
may infer from that the lack of a substantial Linux market. I'm not so
concerned about this to be willing to pay substantial money for half a
product, but I think the Linux community would be well served if those of us
who consider CodeWarrior, but decide to wait for the complete version, let
Metrowerks know we are out here, as real potential customers.

At 04:28 AM 6/15/99 EDT, Luka wrote [in part]:
> what really got me is when i saw that
>metrowerks codewarrior has been ported.  (it's in a box that looks just
>like the ones for mac or win, but says "for linux" instead.)
>fyi: codewarrior is a full-featured integrated development environment (ide)
>including a cross-compiler for several platforms (macos, winXX, beos, palmos,
>many others..... and i assume linux as well now), one of the best graphical
>debuggers i've ever used, and various other useful components.  same concept
>as the ms developer studio ide for windows except it sucks a lot less, imho.

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