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Re: What we're doing (was Re: [seul-edu] Another app you may like to see)

Jeez, do I feel like a slacker, not doing anything near the level of what
you're discussing....

Linux is only in use at server level in our small district (total 1130
students k-12).  Running Apache as the web box and Squid and Squidtaild
with ipchains to manage proxy and filtering/monitoring of web content.
Does a nice job running hidden and monitoring.  Kids have no control over
bypassing proxies.

Any other districts our size or our area doing similar?  I'm working with
some tech. dir.'s in the area (western MO) to set up NAT boxes with the
squid and all, just curious who else is out there.


Andy Hall, Technology Director				
Lexington R-5 School District
100 South 13th Street						(660) 259-6571
Lexington, MO  64067						ahall@mail.lexington.k12.mo.us