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Re: [seul-edu] Quiet time

Hi Doug and everyone,

I've been busy with Zope lately. I'm trying to integrate our Linux-powered
Zope server with the school's NDS directory and an Oracle database that
contains some student information. Very interesting and quite promising, I'd

Just recently, Rik Hoekstra (I'm not sure if he's a SEUL/Edu subscriber)
released a Zope product aimed at education. Specifically, it allows you to
create a framework with which teachers can create Web pages for their
courses, post assignments, etc. I've just barely started playing with it. I
suspect there will be quite a bit of development in this area over the next
few months. Zope itself is moving quickly. I'm living a bit on the bleeding
edge with the project I'm doing, but it is exciting.

You can see a bit about Rik's project at

I look forward to hearing from others on the list.


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