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[seul-edu] Quiet time

Folks, it's been very quiet here for quite a while.  I just looked
over the email archives, and with just a few exceptions I'm making
all the posts.  I know that we all have other things to occupy our
time besides SEUL/edu, but if you all stop contributing this project
will die in pretty short order.  I know I'm biased, but I think we
have been and are still a _very_ useful and successful addition to
the Linux community.  Let's keep ourselves going and keep
contributing to the general success of Linux in education.

Harry McGregor, what's happening with OSEF?  David Moore, I know you
have plans for AUC; how are they coming?  Bill Tihen, what about the
educational documentation?  Eric Sandeen, what's the status of
Grader?  Jeff Elkner, what about Open Book?  Bruno Vernier, any news
on EduML?  David Culp, how is KTeacher doing?  Mark Dalton, what are
you doing these days?

How about folks we haven't heard much from lately--Roman Suzi, Odile
Benassy, Ray Olszewski, Fredrik Liljegren, Bill Ries-Knight, Hilaire
Fernandes, Georges Khaznadar?  If I haven't put your name down,
don't think it's because I don't want you to respond--these folks
are just the first names that came to mind.

I'm sure we have things to tell each other about, successes we've
had, problems we've found, advice on how to fix other's problems.
But if we don't _talk_ to each other, nothing will come of it!  So
let's hear from you!

Doug Loss                 Even if you're on the right track,
Data Network Coordinator  you'll get run over if you just
Bloomsburg University     sit there.
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