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Re: [seul-edu] Quiet time

Doug Loss escribió:
> Folks, it's been very quiet here for quite a while.  

Well, is quiet around here too. I'm at the boring task of manteinance
now that the kids are on vacation (i've heard that word regularily, it
always happens at the same time of that quietness :), almost offline
(how would you like about 55 new messages everytime you check the
email?), fixing today 3 stations that have been acting weird (locking
hard, not even ping responses, i hope is not the mainboard or something
like that, i can't afford to lose stations).

I'm on the way to implement AUC around here, and have been in contact
with somebody here on the country that has another linux-all-the-way
school and wants to make a Colombian Linux in Education group, but
nothing solid to show yet, just some emails, when i get something solid
i'll post it.

I'm mainly posting this to answer Doug's request and brag about my new
sig :)

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