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Re: [seul-edu] linux.com and cnet cover seul-edu

Actually, Ironically enought it does not link to LITC, the organization. It
does link to the article, again, ironically titled Linux In The Classroom.
Oh well :)

Jeff Knox
Linux In The Classroom

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From: "Roger R Dingledine" <arma@mit.edu>
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Sent: Tuesday, March 07, 2000 6:55 PM
Subject: [seul-edu] linux.com and cnet cover seul-edu

> http://www.linux.com/articles.phtml?sid=93&aid=7582
> appears to have a lot of discussion starting about linux in education.
> cnet appears to have decided it's worth having a little blurb about it:
> http://linux.cnet.com/linux/0-1491268.html which
> links to litc and seul-edu.
> Enjoy. :)
> (Hey Doug, is this a good enough article that you should link to it
> from www.seul.org/edu/? should we link to it from www.seul.org?)
> --Roger