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Re: [seul-edu] What do the students think?

Kevin Brown wrote:
>     All of us linux gurus :-) know that Linux is awesome! But, what do
> the students think? I, myself, as a student love it but what do the
> other "average," students think of it? Since the students in school will
> be the ones using it, we have to make sure they will like it. Thanks,
> Kevin Brown.

Back at school, a couple of friends and I set up a SuSE Linux box to try
out accessing the Internet through Squid. And it worked out of the box
quite nicely. However, the teachers still paid up and went for an NT
box..... (but I digress, anyway, I've got a few rants about the
computers at school...). Anyway, we also had some user logons so people
could play around. The people 'in the know' were quite happily using it
to write little programs, move files around, and generally not much
As for the 'average' students, they either ignored it and went back to
QuickBasic, or got a user and then asked "What can you do with it?". So,
in my experience, they probably wouldn't care either way with DOS or
Linux, as long as they could draw circles in different colours (sorry,
but that's what most of 12-15 year-olds did).

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