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Re: [seul-edu] What do the students think? FREE SOURCE ALL THE WAY

Some peers of mine, while in a Performing Arts college, up in New York,
set up a student-started, student-run linux server (in 1996), that turned
into the voice of the SLC student body. 

We tackled *so* many challenges, political, administrative, and lots of
beaureaucracy, and thanks to the 'gratis' and 'libre' qualities of free
software/open source, today, five years later, that linux-server is still
running strong, and growing with momentum.

In fact, all of us liberal artists involved, have maintained a close
tech-community on campus, and continue to foster the open-source community
on our small campus. We even are seeing an open-source-alum-project
spinning off from our experience, and the benefits, of using open source
and free software.

See http://raptor.slc.edu if you're interested in taking a peek.

The student body, the deans, and administrators of the college, and the
whole college-community have grown to depend on the Raptor server, and its
resources, and in fact, they couldn't *pay* an outside web-firm to do all
the things the raptor-students do with their pages, on raptor.

I am so excited about this, I can't even contain myself :). In short, I
would love to connect, and collaborate with anyone who is interested
inbuilding an open-source-in-colleges/universities advocacy-squad.

Ideally, we'd be rounding up lots of case-studies, and opinions from
students, and other key users/benefitees of open source.

I would be glad to help out in any efforts that are already in existence,
and I would like to contact, and organize an "edu-network" with any
schools already implementing linux or free software on campus (such as

Please feel free to get in touch with me, let me know what you think,
and have a great day.


Sarah Lawrence College '99

On Tue, 21 Mar 2000, Kevin Brown wrote:

> Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 04:12:04 -0600
> From: Kevin Brown <dennis.brown@sympatico.ca>
> Reply-To: seul-edu@seul.org
> To: seul-edu@seul.org
> Subject: [seul-edu] What do the students think?
>     All of us linux gurus :-) know that Linux is awesome! But, what do
> the students think? I, myself, as a student love it but what do the
> other "average," students think of it? Since the students in school will
> be the ones using it, we have to make sure they will like it. Thanks,
> Kevin Brown.