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Re: [seul-edu] Young Linuxers - Too hard? No way!

Karl wrote:

> These 'case-studies' alone, (even just 5 or 10 surveys from students
> around the US who are involved in setting up the YHSLUG linux-lab, and
> others like it) would prove to be invaluable presentation materials in
> pushing linux-solutions to other K12 schools. Along with student essays on
> how linux has helped their education (etc) their teachers/metnors can
> submit results of how open source has enhanced their learning curve, or
> taught them to work well with others, taught the research skills, job
> skills, etc etc etc.

> This also means that there is a lot of work to be done, at least from my
> point of view. It means that those of us who are interested, and have the
> time/initiative/energy to help gather these results/case-studies need to
> come together, and post our findings, and collections of opinons and
> proven case-studies.
> I hope that anyone who wants to work together on this, or knows of a group
> already working on this education-advocacy-how-to (similar to Doug Loss'
> commercial-port-advocacy-how-to), gets in touch with me.

This is exactly in line with the SEUL/edu documentation project.  Karl, you should
contact Bill Tihen about his SEUL/edu documentation guide, which will eventually be a
writer's guide for this kind of thing.  I'm sure he'll be supportive of your efforts and
will have some useful insights to give.

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