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[seul-edu] [Science project] Re: Status of SEUL/edu-supported projects

Up to now :

3 subscriptions, no mail on the mailing list. All of the discussions
about scientific topics are held on the general list.

I should like to present and idea which has some importance for me,
allthough I have very little time to develop it now, and no idea of how
much people can share the same needs.

Here in France, we use some cheap analogig-digital converters,
developed by some competing firms, to do live data acquisition. It is 
the basis of a wide class of experiments which can be carried at a
college level. These converters are cheap, but they are embedded in
proprietary environments :

when you buy the converter from X, you must buy all other stuff from
the same X, including not-so-cheap software, not-so-cheap interfaces
(to electric, magnetic fields, stress captors, etc.), not-so-cheap

All the products coming from X are designed as incompatible as
possible from products coming from Y. This situation is fed back by a
french usage to decide what may be buied for the schools from some
central administration.

My wish is to develop a software base allowing to drive the
analogig-digital converter which I know the best, via a plugin. And to 
design it sufficiently flexible to allow fast plugin development for
other converters. This software just needs to output data as ascii
number series, since gnuplot, grace are enough to manage such data.

How many of us do share the same needs ?
Do you know someting about such developments ?
Who can explain me the basics of developping with plugins ?

Georges Khaznadar.