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Re: [seul-edu] Homeschooling

Michelle Head wrote:
> Seul-edu subsribers:
> I am getting some great feedback on homeschooling with Linux from one
> particular family; does anyone else want to respond for an article on
> LinuxMall.com?  Also, do you mind being quoted (no email addressses,
> name and city only).

I don't do home-schooling, but I'll put my un-qualified 2 Escudos in.

> Am very interested in the kinds of applications you use Linux for and
> whether you believe it enhances learning in all kinds of subjects.

Well, truthfully, I still belive that a lot of what you get out of
learning is what you put into it as well (cliched as that sounds). Much
also depends on the facilitator/teacher.  If you have someone who gets
you exited about learning and using something bleeding edge and 'cool',
the rest starts to follow....

>  The
> kinds of projects for which it is used, the skills you believe develop
> as a result are of particular interest.

Depending to what level of granularity you want to shoot for, you can
learn any number of things by proximity.  Learning the file structure
and how to search (grep, locate and whereis to your hearts content) may
help logic skills. 

> Do you think Linux enhances logic skills?  Does this happen more with
> command line interface than a GUI?

I think working in a CLI and GUI both have advantages (it certainly
isn't a zero-sum scenario).  I would think that navigating and tweaking
the innards of a system through a CLI sharpens mental acuity since you
have to be able to 'see' files as they are placed in a system by getting
output from a prompt. I would speculate that being able to mentally
assemble a 'structure' of a system inside your head moves people away
from the near dependence on what is essentially a visual delineation of

I think it also improves reading and comprehension skills.  You have to
be literate to write commands (i.e. syntax and cap-sensitivity) and read
the output to work. 

As someone who did a lot of stats and charts for papers in University, I
think this helps with grasping abstract thoughts and mentally modelling
of large complex organizational data (which is usful in any field and


> Are you finding Open Source educational software available out there?
> Is anyone developing educational software for Linux?
> Is cost an issue?  Is cost the reason you use Linux and would prefer
> Open Source educational software?
> What ages are your kids?  How do they use Linux?

I have no childern, but I am just starting to try to get my God-Child
who is 12 to start.


> Describe a particular school project Linux assisted with.
> Do you feel Linux makes homeschooling easier and/or more successful?
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