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Re: [seul-edu] deepfreeze and Gimp

Install gimp so that the gimp config files go into home folders, not onto
the frozen workstations. The first time kids install, they put it in their
H: drive (in our case). This of course is the Right Way to do it.

The non connected laptops will need a setup on the laptop, so unfreeze and

I can provide more details if necessary.


On Wed, 14 Nov 2001, Benoit St-Andre-CSA wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I saw an answer of Les Richardson talking of DeepFreeze for windows boxes.
> We use it too in our schools here, with a Samba server and an account for
> each student.
> I had some problems installing Gimp on these computers (on windows) since
> Gimp creates a folder for each account that logs on that machine. It works
> well on Linux, but since on windows computers are "freezed", each time a
> student starts Gimp again, it reinstalls all the personnal folder. The
> other problem is that we have portable computers and that students
> sometimes use computers connected to the network, sometimes not.
> I've tried to solve this myself, looking through all the config scripts in
> Gimp, without success.
> As anyone tried this, an succeeded ?
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