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[seul-edu] Adopt an orphaned Free Software project

This is mildly off-topic for this list, but I thought it might be a
good place to get this information out.  This website keeps a list
of unmaintained free software projects:


Some goals of this site are:

    Draw attention to unmaintained projects and thus help find new
maintainers, developers or contributors for them.

    Index all unmaintained Free Software related content and provide
a central place where you can find such projects.

    Prevent unnecessary code forks and duplicated work, just because
the developer(s) who want to fork didn't know that the project was
unmaintained and they could as well have continued maintaining the
original project.

    Allow creation of statistics, e.g. about the reasons why
projects become unmaintained, how long they stay unmaintained, what
sort of software is more likely to become unmaintained etc...

If you, or anyone you're familiar with, is looking for someplace to
make a contribution to free software, take a look through this
site.  You might find something of interest that you could get
moving again.

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