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Re: [seul-edu] Forming a coalition to promote free and open toolsand content in education

This would be very positive. Of course, the jury's out on what exactly we're
doing, right? I think those in the US are sleeping right now ;-).


Paolo Pumilia <xpol@interfree.it> said:

> >From Michael Hall, Tue Nov 27, at 11:51:
>  .Language is another issue ... if a coalition is to be
>  .global/international, then can we expect everyone to work in English?
>  .
> I will look for people to provide the italian translation of the web ring. 
> As AICA (www.aicanet.it>  'opensource' work group coordinator, i hope
> to be able to find voluteers among those involved in our 'project for
> I will report about such AICA project, still under contruction, in a 
> few weeks.          
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