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RE: [seul-edu] Our Strengths --develop a course & teach it

I agree as well. If there was an easy way for people to learn what was
needed, perhaps it would be easier to get our systems into schools. Being a
video producer I would be williing to help with that if we decide to go that

Jason Mellen
Palm Bay High School
Webmaster / TSA / PTV / NHS
Department Assistant - Vocational Education

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> Les, I think that's a great idea.  I think this challenge has two
> parts--1.
> develop a free curriculum and materials; 2. teach it.
> To do that, we need a person who is good at curriculum development to
> shepherd a project.  We also need some sort of collaborative environment
> set up.  (I think wikis are great, but what do I know?)
> They're working on doing both of these things in Colombia.
> There's a project
> to develop public-domain curriculum and they have offered free
> short courses
> in Linux usage and system administration for technically literate
> teachers.
> Links to the projects in Colombia are at:
> 	 http://itp.innoved.org/wiki/freecourse/Links
> They've made a substantial effort to generate a curriculum in
> Spanish, which
> can be found on one of those links.
> I think we need to do something similar, but in English.
> I've been trying to develop a public-domain curriculum and lesson
> plans for
> end-users, not sysadmins, at http://itp.innoved.org/wiki/freecourse.
> However, I've only been teaching (English) for 6 years and I have never
> developed an entire curriculum from scratch.  It's a much bigger
> project than
> I thought at first, and I'm not sure I have the experience and
> training to do
> it properly.
> So we need someone who has this kind of experience to manage and
> guide the
> project.
> We also need people to contribute lessons and materials.
> It would be excellent if we could produce a series of training
> videos.  Then
> we could teach without actually being there, and the videos could
> multiply
> like rabbits, if they are GPL'ed or public domain.
> There needs to be some fairly high-profile leadership, or else it
> will have
> trouble getting off the ground.
> Jeff Nelson
> itp.innoved.org
> On Wednesday 28 November 2001 21:14, you wrote:
> > One important goal that has been recognized is the importance of
> > administrative talent to install and manage these systems.
> >
> > Ok, what are we good at?
> >
> > Education, right? So why don't we deliver the "education" to train
> > administrators.
> >
> > Are we in competition with others in this task? Yes.
> >
> > Can we do it better than others? Undoubtedly.
> >
> > Do we already have all the tools? Yes.
> >
> > What's holding us back? <grin>