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[seul-edu] Site tools for Schoolforge



Document Manager is a document management system with the ability to
check-in/check-out documents, track changes, and support multiple
users. It supports all usual operations (rename, delete, view, edit)
and comes with optional support for a secure HTTP server.


Kumera is a Perl and XML-based content management system for Web
sites. It is designed for small to medium size Web sites that need
multiple users writing and editing pages.


Mioga is a groupware application suitable for Intranet use. All the
functionality of Mioga can be reached through any HTML browser. The
interface is designed with HTML templates which allow the look and
feel and the ergonomics of Mioga to be fully and easily
customizable.  It is written in Perl and uses PostgreSQL database.


Nadmin is an user-friendly interface to the Open Source Midgard
content management engine. Midgard provides organizations with
cost-effective ways of creating and maintaining their site in a
controllable distributed environment. With Nadmin, marketing
departments and product teams have the tools for producing and
communicating content to the corporate Web sites and the world at
large. Distributed content production provides faster time-to-market
for product communication. Key features include full publishing, a
dynamic content managment enviroment, Rapid Application Development,
and domain and email integration.


The OpenCms project is an effort to create the first professional -
level Open Source Content Management System (CMS). OpenCms allows a
company to maintain a website with little or no help by an external
agency or internet professional. To achieve this, OpenCms hides the
complexity that is still involved when publishing in the Internet.
Departments and individual users can thus concentrate on creating
the content for the website, and publish it in an easy and intuitive


phpReview is a complete, free reviewing system with data storage
support for MySQL, MySQL-InnoDB, and PostgreSQL.


SPIP is an open-source, free publication system on the Internet,
mainly targetted at individuals, informal groups, and non-profit
organizations. It allows contributive writing and managing of Web
sites having a magazine-like structure (i.e., articles and short
stories contained in nested sections), while not needing any HTML
skills (except for defining the layout templates).


WebGUI is a platform built to allow average business users to build
and maintain complex Web sites. It is modular, pluggable, and
platform independent. It was designed to allow the people who create
the content, to manage it online, rather than content management
taking up the time of busy IT Staff. Whether you are building a
consumer site, an intranet, or an extranet, WebGUI has something to

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