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Re: Major interview

On Sat, 04 Sep 1999, you wrote:
> In reply: 
> There are two main areas of interest one is computers as a tool for
> information gathering, ananlysis and reporting. As such a tool it has to be
> integrated into all curriculum areas. This I believe can be done with 
> 1. A web browser
> 2. E-mail 
> 3. Presentation package such as Kid Pix, which allows multimedia
> 4. Integrated simple word processing (DTP even better), spread sheet and
> database.  
> So schools do not need a lot of software to make effective use of a whole
> range of information technologies.

I come late to this discussion, just joined the list, and have just started
using Linux on donated equipment, but what you describe above IS out there. 
Star office does all the above, and for $295 a building, and includes just
about all platforms:  Windows, Linux, AND Mac.