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Re: [seul-edu] School Networking Guide (was: need detailed network advice)

Doug -- If I understand the import of your response to Manuel, it means that
we still need someone to volunteer for the role of taking this project's
text documents and putting them into an acceptable file format for
publication by SEUL/edu. I should NOT check off that request as fulfilled.

I agree that non-English versions of the document would be nice to have,
and, Manuel, I hope the project will go ahead to the point where we have one
for you to translate.

At 06:09 PM 9/2/00 EDT, Douglas Loss wrote:
>Nevertheless, DocBook is the DTD we're using for our SEUL/edu
>documentation project guides, since we have tools to easily
>convert DocBook documents to LaTeX, PostScript, HTML, and a
>variety of other delivery formats.  As for only Linux geeks
>using DocBook, so what?  It works nicely for what we want to do.
> The object is to get the content to users in as wide a variety
>of forms as possible.
>> Plus , I volunteer a translation to Spanish!
>We could use that very well!  Translations into as many
>languages as possible of all the guides we eventually generate
>will be important.

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