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SEUL: www.seul.org website redesign

In message <Pine.LNX.4.04.9812062251330.32460-100000@primefactor.com>, 
 matt@primefactor.com writes:
>> If you want, I'll put you or Roger down as coordinator of Freehive's SEUL web
>> project in the project database (depending on who of you will do the Freehive
>> end of the work). I think perhaps some of us designer guys from the core would
>> like to have a shot at a logo and perhaps some colors, but we have more than
>> enough to do right now, so if someone could grab ahold of that project, it'd
>> be nice.
>	Sounds good to me.  I'll take on the HTML and navigation if you
>guys want to tackle the logo.  Roger?

I should probably be the 'contact' rather than the coordinator on this
one. Sounds like a plan -- thanks, Matt. If you want to follow along with the
seul publicity stuff, you should subscribe to the seul-pub mailing list:
send mail to majordomo@seul.org with body 'subscribe seul-pub'.

Chuck and I went through the site a bit last night, fixing up some parts
of it (and making the colors better or worse, depending on your point of
view). It could definitely use some more work with colors and design. If
you want to take a stab at some changes, I'd be happy to give you an
account on cvs.seul.org so you can access the cvs repository directly, or
you could just grab the html, modify it, and post to seul-pub/freehive
mentioning a new location and asking for comments. I suggest that most of
the discussion should be happening on freehive-web, given that you guys are
better with graphic design than we are.