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SEUL: Re: [Freehive-web] Seul

In message <w4yvhjm0ybg.fsf@vibrator.styx.net>, leo@styx.net writes:
>Ok, since I got reply on the logo thing, I'll pick the one I like best.
>The top one of http://www.freehive.org/projects/seul/seul-leo-0.gif
>will be used as both logo and color combinations. The curved corners will be
>tweaked a litle more and I think we can use the light green color for most
>things and only use the white for links and spesial things which require

Sounds good. I was trying to figure out which one I liked more (they seem
pretty similar, so I'm just choosing between colors?) and I guess the first
one does pretty well. I don't want to get people too riled up until I've got
more to give them, I guess. :)

>With this said I'll either do the rest of the design myself or if anyone puts
>their hand up, they will get the project. It's quite important that we now get
>some more people to do acctual work in freehive, not just sit and read the
>mailinglist. Several of you have commented on wanting to do something for the
>free software community, now is your chance.

Do you mean the rest of the design for the logo, or the site itself? If you
mean the site itself, I'd be interested in hearing the broad strokes of your
ideas before you set about implementing them, since we've been discussing the
site rather a lot already. If the plan is to fix our colors and fix some of
the formatting, that would be great. (I think Matt mentioned a bit ago that
he would be interested in doing that as well.) But now that I think about
it, I think you're talking specifically about the logo and not the site

Just so guys can keep it in mind, I'm pondering down the road putting the
seul logo (inconspicuously) on products from the seul subgroups
(www.independence.seul.org, www.freehdl.seul.org, www.geda.seul.org, etc)
so people know they "came from the same place and are moving in the same
direction". That will be far down the road, but it means that the seul
logo should look good "on its own" as well as integrated into the current